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There's a saying that goes something like "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants."

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In 1999, Ronda and I renovated a 125 year old home as part of starting a bed & breakfast. It was there that I was exposed to history and preservation in a tangible way for the first time and part of that experience included repairing, purchasing and caring for antiques. European antiques were the mainstay at our Inn, but over time we studied a wider range of furniture styles and began to fall in love with the simple yet elegant early American pieces of the William and Mary, Queen Anne and Chippendale periods. Of course, these for the most part were out of our price range, but I already enjoyed wood working and turning as a hobby, so the quest to be able to build these from scratch started and will likely continue for the rest of my life.




Joel and Gene


The guiding principle at the top of this page is often ignored in wood working today where there appears to be adulation for the self-taught. I've had the pleasure of working with many giants, but none more influential than Gene Landon. The depth and breadth of his work is simply astounding including pieces on display in the White House, Independence Hall, Milwaukee Art Museum, and numerous private collections throughout the United States. In June 2011 Gene unfortunately passed away, but his students will never forget him. Tom Meilller has recently written a book detailing much of Gene's work, so if you are interested I encourage you to visit Lulu and order a copy.

Today I continue to learn from from others, but also take on customer commissions, teach occasional courses, and work on my own pieces from our home in Wisconsin. Primary focus is on reproducing the finest early American masterpieces known using authentic materials and techniques from raw stock selection through hand-applied, patinated finishes. I also try to display works at the Northern Woods furniture show in Minneapolis, MN each year and am an active member of the Minnesota Woodworker's Guild and Society of American Period Furniture Makers.


Outside of wood working, I am married and have three daughters and six grandchildren. I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry and a graduate degree in electrical engineering with a primary daytime occupation as an analog circuit designer engineer. I hold eleven patents and have written numerous publications in technical fields. My non-wood working hobbies include cycling, XC skiing and dressage.