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What a Week

Let’s work backwards on this. Today was a day for reflection, giving thanks, contemplation, talking to my departed father and even a chat with God. I’m generally not much for mushy talk, but every now and then there are emotional … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Not sure why, but the mirrors I look into never seem to show the fairest of them all. So perhaps it’s time for a new mirror…and a grand carving challenge. Details of which can be found on the Metropolitan Museum … Continue reading

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Blue and Yellow

yeah and lotsa mud. No this is not a post about “The Used” 2002 hit, but rather a recap of Dressage at Alpine I & II which turn out to be my first recognized horse show. The post is a … Continue reading

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Beady Details

After the veneer patch clamps are removed, there’s a lot of cleanup to get the veneer to look seamless. On the apron curve, I used a #3-12mm gouge to trim the veneer smooth and on the knee post end, a … Continue reading

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