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RIP Festus

Pets are a dichotomy. On one hand they drive you nuts when they pee on the carpet, chew into a new piece of furniture you spent 100s of hours building, or run off to the neighbors right at dark. In … Continue reading

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When a Distraction Isn’t

Had a fantastic weekend in the shop helping a great friend from IA on his Goddard tea table. Most of the time was spent on knee carving. It’s “simple” to visualize carving these patterns, but the execution is difficult because … Continue reading

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Strategic Deworming

For those who groove horse management, here’s a real-world example of strategic deworming importance. As part of a Pony Club activity we brought in fecal samples from each horse in our pasture and did worm egg counts. I was shocked … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

Does anyone else suffer from my disease? The blog is called the distracted cabinet maker for a reason, but never did I imagine getting this far behind. Lot’s to write about, but let’s start with some wood working from a … Continue reading

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