0.5 Century

Class at Gepetto’s workshop (aka big city carver) was great. A future post will share a couple of lesson’s learned as well as show the carving results, but I’m once again thankful to be able to learn from Al Breed and always humbled by how much there is to learn about early American furniture. It was great to see Gentleman John and the rest of the gang. This time I even got a chance to mntn bike around Lebanon Hills in our ‘spare’ time.

Back in cheese land, the enforcer and I have started a new diet (argh but needed) and begun ramping exercise. Cycling is, of course, my favorite way to burn calories and a couple of years ago when I was racing the favorite ride was a near 50 mile trek in northern Chippewa County dubbed the ice age loop as it intersects the Ice Age Trail a couple of times. There’s a few challenging climbs that culminate in great views especially on Hwy E before intersecting with M. It also weaves through scenic farmland and this year the crops look (and smell) so good that it somehow eases the pain of the ride.

Anyway, this used to be a weekly event but this year mid-August is the first time to get it in. Unfortunately we’re already loosing so much light each day, that it will be tough to complete the trek many more times after work, but hopefully the weekends will give us accommodating weather. In short order though, bugs will be down and mountain biking back in full swing. Until then, here’s the Guy’d taking a goo break after coming out of the hills.



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