Driftless Zone

This past week was our first significant vacation in years. A solid week of camping started in Hayward with the grand kids. It’s always great sitting around the fire talking smack, but this year the weather didn’t play nice. Every night just as the fire started to crackle, rain set in. I was able to get out Saturday and ride the Chequamegon Fat 40 course along the Birkie trail. The race course, however, got the best of me, being 30 minutes off race pace and quite exhausted at the Telemark lodge. Still it was great fun to get on a different trail.

After Labor Day we traveled south to Trempealeau and spent the rest of the week at Perrot State Park. The photos below pretty much say it all. Great weather in a relaxing environment. It will be tough going back to work Monday.

One interesting factoid learned during the trip is that there’s a strip of land bridging 4 states (IA, WI, MN, IL) that weren’t touched by the glaciers. This area is referred to as the driftless zone and includes the La Crosse region. The result is lots of caves, more hilly terrain, some sinkholes, and unique vegetation. We definitely noticed the difference and were stunned by its beauty.

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2 Responses to Driftless Zone

  1. John P. Bennett says:

    Lovely pictures Joel. Nothing quite like time with the grand-kids and away from the house. Any new shop pictures?

  2. Joel says:

    Not much new in the shop John. How about you? November sure is coming fast.

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