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Beastie and Bob

About mid-summer, my dressage horse (GP-Romeo aka Beastie) came up lame from turn-out which was depressing at many levels. First, every time he goes lame there’s the big bill from vet work. Second, he was finally going great and that … Continue reading

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Driftless Zone

This past week was our first significant vacation in years. A solid week of camping started in Hayward with the grand kids. It’s always great sitting around the fire talking smack, but this year the weather didn’t play nice. Every … Continue reading

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0.5 Century

Class at Gepetto’s workshop (aka big city carver) was great. A future post will share a couple of lesson’s learned as well as show the carving results, but I’m once again thankful to be able to learn from Al Breed … Continue reading

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Garvan Lowboy Joinery

It’s less than a week out from our next gathering at big city carver’s house. I was hoping to have all the joinery done and cabriole legs carved prior. It hasn’t been a complete miss, but as you can see … Continue reading

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Sundance I & II

On this weekend then name should have been changed to Rain Dance. As the photos show, it was drenched. Here’s how it unfolded for us. My trainer Andy showed an awesome black Friesian / Warmblood cross named Bob, so after … Continue reading

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Julie Julian Clinic

This is the result of some body position changes made at the clinic this weekend. Between the strengthening work Andy has been doing on Romeo and training I’ve been receiving, it finally feels like we are beginning to gel together.

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Garvan Lowboy

This probably sounds like a broken record, but it’s hard to believe almost a year has gone by since my last post. And what a crazy year it’s been. The shop is heated, insulated, sheet rocked, painted, and finish electrical … Continue reading

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Big Day in the New Shop

Yesterday a cement floor was poured in the new shop. There’s radiant floor heating inside, so hopefully it will be comfy in the winter months too. About 2/3 of the space will be further covered with wood floors and contain … Continue reading

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Hard to Believe

The last post was October 2013. No I didn’t die or wander off on some Himalayan climbing expedition. It was 100% mid-life crisis distraction. A 17.2 black Hannovarian sport’s car named Romeo. I’ve made a little further progress on the … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Ride

Fall is such a great time in WI. Beautiful scenery, great temperature, active wildlife…about the only downside is that it will come to an end as winter arrives. We are fortunate to be close to fantastic mountain bike trails and … Continue reading

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