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Driftless Zone

This past week was our first significant vacation in years. A solid week of camping started in Hayward with the grand kids. It’s always great sitting around the fire talking smack, but this year the weather didn’t play nice. Every … Continue reading

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Sundance I & II

On this weekend then name should have been changed to Rain Dance. As the photos show, it was drenched. Here’s how it unfolded for us. My trainer Andy showed an awesome black Friesian / Warmblood cross named Bob, so after … Continue reading

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One Proud Grandpa

This Saturday was “the peanut’s” final horse show of the summer. We got up early to get him bathed, braided and trailered…all without a complaint. She has worked hard at riding and did well despite being all nerves. Stanley took … Continue reading

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RIP Festus

Pets are a dichotomy. On one hand they drive you nuts when they pee on the carpet, chew into a new piece of furniture you spent 100s of hours building, or run off to the neighbors right at dark. In … Continue reading

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What a Week

Let’s work backwards on this. Today was a day for reflection, giving thanks, contemplation, talking to my departed father and even a chat with God. I’m generally not much for mushy talk, but every now and then there are emotional … Continue reading

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Top 5 excuses for not being in the shop

It’s been over a month since creating the blog and only 1 post and not even on woodworking. The blog name is certainly appropriate, but there are lots of excuses…some of which are legitimate. #5 SAPFM presentation in Madison on … Continue reading

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