Garvan Lowboy

This probably sounds like a broken record, but it’s hard to believe almost a year has gone by since my last post. And what a crazy year it’s been. The shop is heated, insulated, sheet rocked, painted, and finish electrical is almost complete. I’ll show proof soon.

And the new horse  is doing fantastic. We’ve had some ups and downs, but in the last couple of months he’s gotten much stronger and really is beginning to work hard for us. Have a clinic next weekend and hope to get some video. It may be like watching paint dry for those not accustomed to dressage, but sure is fun to do.

And now to the main course. This past weekend was another Al Breed class at the Big City Carver’s place. I genuinely needed the break and enjoyed every hour of carving. We started with the center drawer front and then reviewed the plans for the case build. (BTW- these will be for purchase here as soon as the piece is built) Here’s a couple of photos.

Thanks all for making it a fun weekend!

Let’s see if I can manage  to get the case joinery and at least 1 B&C done before August.

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  1. Cal Hobbs says:

    Joel you are such a great carver. I wish I could join you for this one, it’s an outstanding lowboy. Thanks for the pics and keep the posts and pics coming. CH

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