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c. 1740-1750 Secretary Desk and Bookcase

The final desk will be a combination of two desks. The exterior follows closely (shown as the primary photo) the feautres from a desk sold at Sothebys on Jan 1, 2000, while the interior is modelled after the Logan Desk housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Arts. The quintescential features of this desk are the arched, ogee, raised panel doors on the upper case and phenominal amphitheater-style lower case gallery. In many circles this gallery is considered the finest Philadephia example available. Of course there are hidden drawers and compartments galore. As of this writing, the lower case is substantially complete and upper case construction has started. The expected finish date is early 2014. Primary wood is mahogany.

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105"H x 41"W x 23 3/4"D

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